How long has Manny's Crew Window Cleaning been servicing Bergen County and who performs the work?
Our company originated in 1987 and has been servicing Bergen County since that time. All owners and assistants have a combined total of 39 years window cleaning experience and have full liability coverage.  We each receive base pay and profit sharing benefits. The client receives quality work with attention to detail knowing our staff is professional, courteous and consistent.  Click on for further company information.

What additional services are provided?
Manny's Crew specializes in window, screen, and gutter cleaning.

How long will window cleaning take at my home?
By specializing in window and gutter cleaning our work will always be completed in a judicious professional manner. Experience in our field will equate to the proper job completed in a timely fashion by experienced and skilled and personable window cleaners.

I have high interior windows and skylights in my home, can they be cleaned?
Yes, our company operates with specialized window cleaning ladders. They in-stall together in six foot sections and are assembled inside your home at the appropriate windows to be cleaned. Clean linens are always used to cover the ladder top when placing against the walls in your home.

How will my floors be protected during the window cleaning process?

  1. All areas are covered with large towels to protect your flooring on each window to be cleaned.
  2. All equipment used is attached to our belts, we use no buckets.
  3. Hospital style shoe covers are always worn when working in your home.
  4. Bio-degradable soap is always used on all projects.

My home has special situations that I would like addressed before starting my window cleaning project, is your company open to listen to my concerns?

  1. Yes, every client’s home is different. Taking time before each project to discuss specific concerns and restate that these concerns have been addressed at the time of completion.  We encourage feed back to enhance our performance on the current project and to assist us in improving our 5 star services in the future when working at your home.
  2. When completed, all work is rechecked on the interior of the home leaving each room as it was previous to our arrival.  On the exterior of the home all backyard gates are locked, water turned off if screens were cleaned.
  3. In addition we take notice of any young children, pets or household items that are present on your property when entering with our work vehicle.  One assistant is always positioned outside of the vehicle to guide the driver ensuring a safe beginning and completion of each client’s project upon exiting your property.

Is it possible to obtain a few referrals?
Certainly, most likely we have serviced a neighbor or someone in very close proximity to your home, names and address will gladly be provided.

I would like to have the exterior of my windows and gutters cleaned on a bi-annual basis. Is it possible to sign up for a regular scheduled window or gutter cleaning?
Yes, Manny's Crew provides regular scheduling of window and gutter cleaning projects.